Yankee Stadium--Bronx, New York

Former home of New York Yankees
Last World Championship - 2000 (4-1 vs. NY Mets)
Last Playoff Appearance - 2007 (AL Wild Card - L ALDS)

Opened--1923 Remodeled--1974 Reopened--1976 Closed--2008

May 28, 1991-- Boston Red Sox 6, New York Yankees 2

The famous Monument Park, just behind left-centerfield,
is a major attraction for first-time and long-time visitors
of "The House That Ruth Built."
Thats his monument in the foreground.
But, take away this history from this place and you will find some shortcomings,
like the dark crammped concourse, and over crowded men's rooms.
But as soon as you make your way up the runway into the seating bowl, you can feel it.
Just looking around the park you know you're somewhere special.

It's always a good idea to get there early for BP,
this way you can get a good place to park.
If you can't find a good place to park you are in trouble.
Yankee Stadium is one of the worst stadiums to park at.
You can hang out just past the rightfield fence
and try to catch some BP homeruns.

A shot from high atop the upper-deck.
And I mean high, The upper deck at the Stadium is quite far from the field.
You can see the facade that goes from rightfield to leftfield.
That's a replica of the facade that went around the entire stadium
before it was remodeled in the mid 70's.

Stadium Rating : A-

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