Tiger Stadium--Detroit, Michigan

Opened--1912 Closed--1999
Last World Championship - 1984 (4-1 vs. SD Padres)
Last Playoff appearence - 2006 (AL Wild Card - L World Series)

July 24, 1991-- Detroit Tigers 6, Minnesota Twins 3

The Tigers take the field.
Tiger Stadium is much bigger when you see it live than on TV.
The distance to straight-away center seems to go on forever.
The seats, not much leg room, were very close to the action.

The most recognizable light towers in all of baseball.
As you approach the stadium on foot,
you can see the towers from several blocks away.
The concourse was dark and narrow and I won't even mention the bathrooms.

Tiger Stadium was old and outdated and the parking was possibly
the worst I've ever experienced, but the history made it very enjoyable.
I'm glad I got a chance to see it.

Stadium Rating : B

2004 Update - Unlike other stadiums that are razed once the team vacates it,
Tiger Stadium still stands.

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