Frontier Field--Rochester, New York


June 27, 1997--Norfolk Tides 4, Rochester Red Wings 3

International League-AAA

Future Major Leaguers-Benny Agbanyani, Todd Pratt

Apparently I discovered the Minor Leagues a year too late and missed out on the old yards like Silver & MacArthur Stadiums. My visit to Rochester took me to the Brand New Frontier Field. Never seeing the old stadium, I had nothing to compare it with. The exterior of the park resembles that of the parent clubs, The Baltimore Orioles, it's almost like a little mini Camden Yards. Also like the parent club the park gives you a nice view of the Downtown area. In this case it's Rochester.

The interior of the park looks like it as well. The seats are green on all levels (green being the choice color of seating in all parks built after 1992, apparently)the rows are very spacious with lots of leg room. I'm sure some people who have seen both the new and old Rochester parks will say Frontier Field can't rate next to Silver Stadium, but I didn't, thus I enjoyed my trip to this park. One more little thing, I've never seen a ticket that had my name on it. Nice touch.

Stadium Rating : A

2003 update : The Red Wings are now the International League affiliate of the
Minnesota Twins

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