McCoy Stadium--Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Opened--1942 Renovated--1999

August 12, 1999--Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons 2, Pawtucket Red Sox 0

International League-AAA

Future Major Leaguers-Bobby Estalella, Jon Nunnally

McCoy Stadium, Home of the Boston Red Sox AAA farm team the Pawtucket Red Sox opened in 1942. It became the home of the Pawsox in 1973, and they have been there ever since. After several tries to see a game at McCoy, I finally made it in 1999, which was the first year of the "New" McCoy Stadium. My first thought upon seeing the park was, what a lot of foul ground area. It kind of reminded me of Oakland or Candlestick Park. The seating bowl was expanded down the 3rd base side into leftfield, but if you didn't know that, you wouldn't even notice it.

They did quite a renovation on the park, but for the fans who had seen the old park and not the re-modeled one, not to worry, the renovations take nothing away from the park. It's baseball in it's simplest form. No Skyboxes, Wooden GrandStand with support beams holding up the roof that covers the seats below. I did find the food lines a bit long, and I missed an inning and a half, because when I got up to the counter after my 10 minute wait, they were out of fried dough, so it was either go to another concession stand or wait until they made more.

Stadium Rating : A-

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