City of Palms Park--Fort Myers, Florida


Spring home of the Boston Red Sox

March 19, 2001

Grapefruit League

City of Palms Park is the Spring home of the Boston Red Sox. I also believe it is home to the Gulf Coast Red Sox of the Gulf Coast Rookie League. They play from June until August.

It was raining pretty hard and we feared the game would be rained out. Much to our surprise the game wasn't even at this park. The Sox were at the Twins complex which is also in Ft. Myers. So after driving 4 hours to get here, boy did we look foolish. We asked a man in the ticket office is we could use the bathroom. He told us we could use the one inside the park. Once inside I took the liberty of taking a few pictures.

Just beyond the outfield fence are lines of palm trees (I guess that's where they got the name). The seats are blue, which is a nice change from the standard green that are in almost every park built after 1990. A roof over the press box provides shade from the heat and keeps you dry in the rain. It covers the entire grand stand. Down each line are aluminum bleachers. Had the Sox been home though, I don't think they would have gotten this one in.

Stadium Rating : B (but I did not see a game)

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