Oakland Coliseum--Oakland, California

Current home of the Oakland Athletics
Last World Championship 1989 (4-0 vs. S.F. Giants)
Last Playoff Appearance 2003 (AL West Champs - L ALDS)


May 11, 1996-- A's 12, Twins 5

There wasn't exactly a long line for walk-ups considering the A's rolled ticket prices back to the Glory Days of the 70's.
The building on the right is the home of the NBA's Warriors.

You can see why pitchers love to pitch in the coliseum.
All the foul ground keeps alot of balls in play that would be a good 10 rows back in other parks.

Renovations were made to the Coliseum in order to bring the Raiders back to Oakland.
It was hard to give a fair assessment of the stadium with that horrible eyesore in centerfield.

Stadium Rating : B-

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