County Stadium--Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Former home of Milwaukee Brewers
Last World Championship - None
Last Playoff Appearance - 2008 (NL Wild Card - L NLDS)

Opened--1953 Closed--2000

July 17, 1991-- Brewers 6, Mariners 1

County Stadium was an old park, originaly the home of the Milwaukee Braves, but it didn't have an old park feel to it. Like Wrigley Field it only had two decks, a field level and an upper deck. Even though it had only two decks it wasn't cozy, it wasn't quirky, and when I was there Bernie the Brewer was nowhere to be seen. I'm not quite sure what happened to him that season.

The Green Bay Packers used to play 1 game a season there. The park was symetrical with modest deminsions. With Randy Johnson pitching for the M's we were thinking no-hitter, maybe 10 to 15 K's
What we got was 4+ innings and 10 walks.

The Henry Aaron exhibit. Hey, is that vendor eating an ice cream cone?

Stadium Rating : C

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