Fenway Park--Boston, Massachusetts

Current Home of the Boston Red Sox
Last World Championship - 2013 (4-2 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
Last Playoff appearance - 2016 (AL East Champs - L ALDS)


September 21, 1991-- NY Yankees 7, Red Sox 5 ( 10 inn )

A beautiful Fall day in Boston.
Late September with the Yankees in town the game was sold out.
So we got the standing room tickets for $7.
They packed so many people into Fenway that we were standing along the 1st base side in the walkway after the last row of seats. Nobody used the walkway for walking becasue
there were just too many people standing.

The Green Monster, with it's manual scoreboard.
There is no more recognizable landmark in all of baseball.
It is an awesome sight.
In my opinion, there is no place like Fenway to see a game (in the A.L.).

The retired numbers- notice the order 9,4,1,8.
September 4, 1918- the date of the eve of Game 1 of the 1918 World Series.
The last series the Sox had won until they "Reversed the Curse" in 2004
The Sox have since changed the order. And added 27 for Carlton Fisk.
Talks of a new Fenway are constant. They talk about replacing it with an
exact replica of the current Fenway, but with all the bells & whistles that go
along with the parks of today. If you haven't been to Fenway, you should go.

Stadium Rating : A+

2003 update - In the never ending effort to shoehorn as many people as they can into the park
Fenway has now put seats on top of the Green Monster.

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