Exhibition Stadium--Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Former Home of the Toronto Blue Jays
Last World Championship - 1993 (4-2 vs. Phil. Phillies)
Last Playoff appearance - 1993 (World Series Champions)

Opened (for Baseball)--1977 Closed--1989

August 1, 1992

Old Exhibition Stadium, it was a converted Football Stadium.
It was the only stadium in the Majors where the bleachers were covered,
and the grand stand wasn't.

Here we are in the dugout.
This photo was taken by one of Toronto's finest.

Then he showed us the old locker room where such greats as Otto Velez and Garth Iorg dressed.
I wonder which lockers were their's?

Stadium Rating : Since I didn't see a game I can't rate fairly.
But it looked like a C-

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