U.S. Cellular Field--Chicago, Illinois

Current Home of Chicago White Sox
Last World Championship - 2005 (4-0 vs. Houston Astros)
Last Playoff appearence - 2008 (AL Cent Champs - Lost ALDS)


July 19, 1991-- White Sox 14, Brewers 3


The seats in the front row of the upperdeck in New Comiskey are farther away from homeplate than the last row of the Upperdeck in Old Comiskey. The White Sox just missed the boat on the whole "retro" ballpark theme.
Camden Yards opend the very next season and put the "retro" phase into full swing with many parks to follow.

The new exploding scoreboard. It exploded 3 times;
twice for Robin Ventura who hit 2 HR had 6 RBI.

All in all, I liked New Comiskey, probably because of its newness.
Parking was pretty bad, but they do have one of the better out of town scoreboards in the league.
Never being to the old park, I'm guessing with modern clubhouse's for the players it's an upgrade.
As far as the charm of the old park, it has a way to go.

Stadium Rating : B-

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