Cleveland Stadium--Cleveland, Ohio

Former Home of the Cleveland Indians
Last World Championship - 1948 (4-2 vs. Boston Braves)
Last Playoff appearence - 2007 (AL Central Champs - L ALCS)

Opened--1931 Closed--1993

July 25, 1991--Cleveland Indians 8, Oakland A's 7


Chief Wahoo welcomes us, to the cavern-like emptiness of Cleveland
Stadium. The reason it was so big was because Cleveland was trying
to be the host city of the 1932 Olympics. They didn't get it, so they were stuck with such a large stadium and some not very good teams.

The "Bash Brothers" hang around the cage. Cleveland Stadium was so
huge even when they drew 20,000 the place looked empty. When the Browns played there the place was filled to capacity.

Plenty of good seats still available at the "Mistake by the Lake." No mistake this night. The Tribe get 4 in the 8th off the "Eck". There was no leg room what so ever in the seats, the concourse was dark and narrow. One good thing was that they made the roads all one way after games for easy access out of the park.

Stadium Rating : C-

Update - The area where Cleveland Stadium once stood is now the home of Cleveland Browns Stadium, and the area is now built up with the Rock & Roll HOF and the Cleveland Science Center.

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