P & C Stadium--Syracuse, New York


June 28, 1997--Syracuse SkyChiefs 3, Columbus Clippers 2

International League-AAA

Future Major Leaguers-Andy Fox, Shane Spencer

P & C Stadium is the new home of the Syracuse SkyChiefs (formally known as the Chiefs). They are the AAA farm team of the Toronto Blue Jays. 1997 was the first year of P & C. For more than 60 years the Chiefs had played across the parking lot at MacArthur Stadium. I had never been to the old yard, so again I had nothing to compare P & C with.

The first turn off is the AstroTurf, the second turn off is where we were sitting. If you haven't been to a game here, DO NOT get seats on the 1st base side. When the sun sets in late June, around 8:30 pm, it is right in your eyes for about 3 innings. It was brutal. Other than that the stadium isn't that bad. Parking was not a problem, and the park had a nice feel to it.

Stadium Rating : B-

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