Baltimore Memorial Stadium--Baltimore, Maryland

Opened--1950 Closed--1997

December 14, 1997--Baltimore Ravens 21, Tennessee Oilers 19

For some reason,
we never thought to drive down to Baltimore and see the Orioles when they played here.
So, wanting to see every stadium the Mets played a post-season game in,(as of 1997)
we decided to go see the Ravens.

Little did we know when we planned this trip,
but we found out when we arrived,
this was the last game ever to be played at Memorial Stadium.

The fans turned out for the last game.
At halftime, the old Baltimore Colts were given a salute.
By the final gun, people were exiting the stadium with entire rows of seats
and any other type of memorabilia they could get their hands on.

Stadium Rating : C

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