Three Rivers Stadium--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Former Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Last World Championship - 1979 (4-3 vs. Baltimore Orioles)
Last Playoff appearance - 1992 (NL East Champs - L NLCS)

Opened--1970 Closed--2000

August 4, 1992--Pittsburgh Pirates 3, New York Mets 2 (12 inn)


Three Rivers Stadium is yet another early 70's Multi-Purpose stadium that has become a Dinosaur in the age of brand new Baseball Only parks. It's been said that you can stand at Home Plate at any of the "Cookie Cutters" and not know what stadium you're in. They did a nice job honoring their history with Championship banners and retired numbers on the outfield walls

Looking at this photo, you not only see Barry Bonds, but you can see the outline of the Football Field. All they do is just wash off the yardlines. We started this game in the Family section out in leftfield. Being Met fans, and looking for fun we made our way to the upperdeck. While walking around the concourse we noticed more Banners. It's just a nice way to try to spruce up a dark crowded concourse.

There is really nothing special about Three Rivers. Being it's a round stadium we couldn't remember which gate we came in, and didn't notice which gate we exited from. It took us about 45 minutes to find where we parked. During our travels to find the car we did run across a Pirates fan that had a shirt on that read : Muck the Fets...very clever.

Stadium Rating : D

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